Thursday, December 20, 2012

Here again

OK, it's stupid. Not that there are legions of Animoush fans but there are a few of you and you are very polite, and then sometimes a bit persistent, about asking where the next post is. 

The truth is, we got a new dog. I wanted to post the requisite dozens of pictures of him and then got completely waylaid by the most ancient kind of superstition: If I post a picture of him, he'll die, like the last dog. 

Like he will never ever die if I don't do that.

Call me this but there it is. 

But what can I say, it's the end of an era and a new beginning. While some would want to interpret the Mayan calendar to mean some kind of science fiction Rapture, I believe that as always, it is more of the same only more intense. We've all felt the quickening. And many people have left the building or are trying to get out the door as fast as they can. 

As one who is staying but may not have always been committed to, I will say that I am going to drop this kind of paranoia. It just wastes time and keeps me from posting cute pictures of animals and their wondrous connection to peeples. But I'm still not going to post a picture of Bodie (yet).

Still, please welcome into your consciousness Master Bodie Seamus Sullicake, one year old shepherd chow husky mutt mix with a meticulous practice of passing everything of interest through his mouth.

Happy New Year, and I promise I will illuminate the backlog, on many levels.
Read on, there are two more posts!

And ANOTHER thing!

That voice you hear may be yours joining in.

Courtesy of my wonderful neighbor BWren.

Comfort to Newtown

Doing what they do the way they do it so particularly, stunningly well.

From The Bark Magazine