Tuesday, September 27, 2011

So then THAT happened...

I can't stand it; I was going to post a whole slew of stuff I've been saving up but it's been so long since I posted anything that I have to do something:

I thought when a dog had seizures you just gave him meds. I didn't realize you'd have to experiment with doses, be there every second of every day, monitor for seizures in clusters (very dangerous), learn to give liquid Valium rectally, discern between large and small, aura-extended and contracted, and a host of other happy accompaniments to epilepsy (which could also be a tumor, a reaction to vaccines or "other..." ).

I don't believe I enumerated the attending bodily fluids and I don't believe I will.

This derailed the blog for awhile but I am happy to report that at present (hearty wood-knocking) things seem to have calmed down.

Also the dog formerly known as Carlo is now called Kola. It's a long story perhaps shared in future but meanwhile call him Kola cuz he won't answer to anything else. Although sometimes we call him "Seize-y."

So Sir Kola seized 5 times in one day (prompting an overnight ER stay, aka the most expensive dog-sitting in town), four the next, then two, now none for almost a week. I never thought I'd measure time by how many seizures did not happen in an hour and then a day but there you are. We even got to take the long-awaited trip to the coast, being sure to pack our new Seize-y Kit(TM). We learned that Kola:
loves to travel in the car
would prefer riding over walking
doesn't like rain
loves to run in sprints
loves to pull dead fish from under the sand
doesn't eat the brake handle when not drugged on that one drug we can't pronounce
um, loves to ride in the car.

More soon. Seriously.


  1. How is Kola doing since the last post? A week seizure-free must seem like an eternity compared to how frequently they had been occurring. Hope all is well!

  2. Exactly right. He's doing great! Now I can't remember how long it's been and keep forgetting to bring "the kit" when I go places. It's hard not to turn this into my DogBlog but I will resist.