Sunday, November 20, 2011

So then? I was driving home?

Driving away from a coffee house in the U-District I cut up a sidestreet. A quick bolt of movement slowed me down automatically, eyes darting for the cat or dog who had gone roaming.

It was not one animal but two, and they be goats! One stared at me dead on, curious, unmoved, unmoving. I idled, not wanting to scare them, hoping I'd see their human next. But nothing. A large bus loomed into my rearview, startling me out of my inertia. I parked in a driveway and headed into the street, shooing them back to someone's lawn. 

Useful and earnest 4-H presentations at state fairs have taught me that goats really don't eat everything (though they were trying), so I really wanted to find where they lived.  

A house with an open front door produced a guy who identified them as the neighbors' goats. We pulled them by their collars back into the front yard, where they live.They were very stubborn and stopped in their tracks but then when I talked to them they'd move again. But a doghouse was right near the fence so I think they might get out all the time.

Now I want three.

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